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waterfalls struggling with the 'fall' part nearly ever house along the cliff base seems to have its own backyard waterfall Systrafoss in  Kirkjubaejarklaustur a guy fishing at the bottom of Stjórnarfoss Öxarárfoss, a small waterfall in Þingvellir National Park Seljalandsfoss.  Jamie's standing at the end of the path in the lower right of the picture. This was one of the larger falls where gravity couldn't overcome the force of the wind. A closer view of the waterfall shown in the previous image.  This one gives a better indication of just how much water is getting displaced. a very narrow view of Systrafoss the very bottom of Systrafoss.  All the water funnels under a massive boulder, the bottom 1/3 of which can be seen here. Muddy Falls after a week of steady rainfall in the area Tonahutu Creek with Rapids Lodge in the background I worked more to get this shot than I did for any other shot the whole trip. Boulder Falls