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The scene along the Santa Cruz Highway as we drove across the mountains from San Jose. Harbor seals sunning themselves in Santa Cruz. A harbor seal checking out the crowd at the Santa Cruz wharf. A squirrel eating a potato chip on Carmel Beach. A squirrel posing on Carmel Beach. Sunset over the Pacific.  Sadly, this was the best we saw all weekend.  Despite some sunny days, the evenings were dominated by thick cloud cover. A flower growing at the Carmel Mission. A flower growing at the Carmel Mission. A rose growing at the Carmel Mission. A rock and a sharp place. Artichokes growing at the Carmel Mission. library decorative painting inside the Carmel Mission close-up of some ice plants more ice plants A seagull enjoying some fresh abalone. Same seagull, same abalone. The squirrels along 17 Mile Drive, near Spanish Bay are *very* friendly. Scratching an itch on a warm spring day. Did I mention that the squirrels here are friendly? A sea otter at Point Lobos State Reserve. A sea otter at Point Lobos State Reserve. It was pupping season for the harbor seals and this fat momma was keeping a watchful eye on her beach. why did the beetle cross the road? a rare sighting of a California Work Glove in its natural habitat. A seagull sitting on the roof of a car. why did the snail cross the road? Orange moss Same moss, different tree We rounded a corner on a path and found ourselves 20 feet from a deer. We kept quiet and still at first, but it soon became obvious that this deer was nearly as comfortable with humans as the squirrels were. a big fish at the Monterey Aquarium The flamingos were surprisingly difficult to shoot and this was about as good as I could get. I finally caught one looking my way you gotta stay hydrated Pearson and some seagulls Mike Pearson at the bottom Pearson at the top Jake Pat Mike and John Jake (shot with my Uncle Mike's 75-300 lens) Pat Our space Buddy Buddy Buddy, Topaz and Tank Tank and Buddy, father and son Buddy with a funny ear (shot with my Uncle Mike's 75-300 lens) Dexter (shot with my Uncle Mike's 75-300 lens) Jake and Caleb (shot with my Uncle Mike's 75-300 lens) Caleb Caleb Matt reelin' in the big one (shot with my Uncle Mike's 75-300 lens) tackle box balls a big salad a delicious pie sunset moon over Nags Head this guy was trying so hard to catch a wave just sit right back... the whole family After a quick breakfast in Idaho Springs, we hiked up to St. Mary's Glacier. Not as impressive as what we saw in Iceland, but it was a good start to our trip. Strong wind was whipping the snow around, limiting visibility near the top. Looking down on the lake from a vantage point just below the glacier. The snow drifts were too deep and the pitch too steep for a couple of unprepared amateurs to get any further up. One of the outcroppings at Red Rocks Amphitheater One of the outcroppings at Red Rocks Amphitheater Looking up from one of the seating areas The USAF Academy Chapel The USAF Academy Chapel. This shot is an homage to a similar shot by <a href="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-z4eyBJUW3qg/TngH6l0wa6I/AAAAAAAAAK0/P2Trdklve0U/s720/DCB_0124_final.jpg">David Bowden</a> A statue on the USAFA campus A furry plant in Garden of the Gods A rock formation at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs Yes, that's a person standing near the top of the formation on the left. Just a tree and some rock Driving down from Pike's Peak.  Snowfall caused the top 6 miles of the road to be off-limits, but we still got to see some impressive views The Inn at Cascade as seen from way up on Pike's Peak The Inn at Cascade.  We had the room on the second floor. The view to the west along highway 24 The hallway outside our room at Rapids Lodge. The room wasn't as creepy as the hallway. Tonahutu Creek with Rapids Lodge in the background squirrel just some flowers A lot of what we saw reminded us of Iceland Rainbow Lake Frisco Bay a winch a sailboat moored in Frisco Bay life finds a way Peak 8 (Breckenridge) illuminated by a full moon A really long exposure of Swan Mountain illuminated by a full moon.  This was the view from our balcony in Frisco. a little tree on a big rock a little tree on a big rock Estes Cone a rock formation an elk with an itch an elk getting a bite to eat in Estes Park an elk getting a bite to eat in Estes Park Bighorn Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park Big Thompson River (at right) seen from way up in Rocky Mountain National Park A closer look at Big Thompson River Deer Mountain is the big one in the center of this panorama Marys Lake between RMNP and Estes Park Four elk at sunset by Marys Lake I worked more to get this shot than I did for any other shot the whole trip. Boulder Falls an oyster shell a scallop shell bird on the beach! beach bird! sandy toes part of the Milky Way over the Gulf of Mexico sea birds hanging out an oyster shell Matagorda Fishing Pier from below Matagorda Fishing Pier from close range a trawler heading out.  Another shot where I wanted it to appear to be older than it actually is. the jetty at the end of Matagorda Fishing Pier bird on a railing concrete and rebar my wife.  I don't think she cares for this pic (too much zoom), but I think it's pretty awesome. a trawler late at night the entrance to our beach house, Villa Verde a delicious late-night snack the neighbors across the street were burning trash in their yard and it got away from them curl Matagorda Fishing Pier from afar. The intent here was to create a picture that looks like it was taken 30 years ago.  I think I kind of, sort of pulled it off. my wife on the beach.  +1 for ND filters - they really do make beach photography a lot easier. my wife my wife with her Lensbaby and a roaring fire Jupiter, the moon and Venus very faint bit of the Milky Way, a trawler, two planes and a camera not quite set to vertical a big tripod in a little beach house scans of some Polaroid shots: 2 early morning foggy beach shots, 1 early foggy morning pic of the abandoned house across the street, the view from our porch Whatdya do when your luggage doesn't make your connecting flight? You enjoy some comfort food. Urban flowers Flower box in the Distillery District antique truck interior an old-looking barrel that's really not-so-old vines on brick pointy the second-most photographed building in Toronto winners post base bikes for rent this guy wouldn't shut up love birds Canadian seagull Canadian swan #1 Canadian swan #2 and then this happened rope glass and steel in the Financial District clouds in the city indoor fountain spires of Notre-Dame Basilica on the UT (University of Toronto) campus of course I had to shoot a squirrel David McWane after the show on Friday night wheelchair crowd surfing Big D and the Kids Table #1 Big D and the Kids Table #2 Big D and the Kids Table #3 Big D and the Kids Table #4 The Planet Smashers #1 The Planet Smashers #2 introducing... the soundman! The Planet Smashers #3 a long ship a long pier a Canadian goose that just realized I don't have any food Canadian goose Canadian lizard craftmanship inside Notre-Dame Basilica looking at something street performer outside Notre-Dame Basilica architecture in Old Montreal #1 architecture in Old Montreal #2 two Rolls Royce Phantoms and a Ferrari parked on the street bacon-wrapped scallops Banque of Montreal the New York Life building Notre-Dame Basilica Notre-Dame Basilica the Aldred building cul-de-sac entryway the exterior wall of our hotel showing the original brickwork plus the two times it's been expanded. Once we saw this the first time, we started noticing it all over Old Montreal. inside Notre-Dame Basilica inside Notre-Dame Basilica unknown saint hanging out with Ezekiel unknown pew pew pew votive candles some of the 7,000 pipes in the pipe organ a closer look at the space above the alter the balcony railing rooftop in Old Montreal angles our hotel in Old Montreal. I highly recommend this place. Room was great and the staff are wonderfully friendly. why does this man hate this piece of cake? Karin's bouquet Jamie on the dock Bauer, aka "the cutest puppy ever" close-up of an ant a leaf on a rock fungus purple fungus Williamsburg bridge foto electric graffiti the garage door of the Chinatown FD looking skyward from the ground floor of the Guggenheim graffiti The True Administration of Justice Chuck beneath a huge arch obligatory seagull shot differing ways of getting around the city Jew in the City beers before dinner waiting for absinthe Brian nighttime skyline after The Cyclone chasing bubbles Dizzy Dragons I don't know if I <3 it, but I don't hate it Blimp in the City Brooklyn Bridge gyro art Guy in the City Central Slop goofing off in Central Park Central Park view YOUTH some plant person of interest in Central Park through the looking glass palm tree at night not a fan of the camera a fan of the camera camp Shamflag mag light + Shamwow + bamboo driftwood = a glorious beacon in the night the neighbors driftwood Mississippi Sound picture of our beach house with some tiny dunes in the foreground picture of our beach house with a sea shell in the foreground ghost in the bastion tunnel sunset over the Gulf of Mexico my brother fishing at sunset