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two tourists and a guide head across Jökulsárlón towards the glacier Breiðamerkurjökull the lagoon at the edge of Svínafellsjökull the bottom of Svínafellsjökull the sun is just starting to break through the clouds over Svínafellsjökull for about 4 minutes, it was *this* bright in Iceland in late September clouds, mountain, glacier, lagoon a rainbow over the glacier Skeiðarárjökull on the morning of our anniversary. a glacier and glacial lagoon off the southern tip of Greenland After a quick breakfast in Idaho Springs, we hiked up to St. Mary's Glacier. Not as impressive as what we saw in Iceland, but it was a good start to our trip. Strong wind was whipping the snow around, limiting visibility near the top. Looking down on the lake from a vantage point just below the glacier. The snow drifts were too deep and the pitch too steep for a couple of unprepared amateurs to get any further up.