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Sandy, beach dog Chuck on a tree; Sandy with eyes on a lunch Sandy, still looking for some lunch Jamie and Sandy friggin friendly dog a hot dog a handsome buddy that's a good boy Natalie Cow dogs free-range damien king of the beach Natalie drying off Natalie Natalie Sandy ears Natalie chilaxin in the road the beach is delicious pretty boy such a good-looking dog.  too bad she's so skittish. a lazy Sunday afternoon Ezio between attacks on Serpico Ezio in mid-shake classic Ezio Serpico sleeping with his tongue out Matt and Delia go for a swim drying off All that swimming made Delia thirsty Delia such a good-looking dog Natalie being Natalie Damien Natalie enjoying a shake Damien in profile Damien checking something out Natalie and Tony Natalie in profile Natalie Damien in the back of the truck Damien being buried Exodus I Exodus II Exodus III Exodus IV Zeke at Larry's Buddy Buddy Buddy, Topaz and Tank Tank and Buddy, father and son Buddy with a funny ear (shot with my Uncle Mike's 75-300 lens) Dexter (shot with my Uncle Mike's 75-300 lens) the whole family Bauer, aka "the cutest puppy ever" not a fan of the camera a fan of the camera a dog outside Bamberg Cathedral handsome buddy in Metelkova street dog in Zagreb