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the Scottish Rite Masonic Center.  Yes, it *was* that pink in person. the El Dorado hotel and spa the New Mexico Museum of Art.  photographed by me, cleaned up later by My Wife. the New Mexico Museum of Art in black and white St Francis of Assisi Cathedral some stairs at one of the historical buildings in downtown austin some stairs at one of the historical buildings in downtown austin some stone work on a building downtown vines on brick pointy the second-most photographed building in Toronto winners glass and steel in the Financial District clouds in the city indoor fountain spires of Notre-Dame Basilica on the UT (University of Toronto) campus architecture in Old Montreal #1 architecture in Old Montreal #2 Banque of Montreal the New York Life building Notre-Dame Basilica Notre-Dame Basilica the Aldred building cul-de-sac entryway the exterior wall of our hotel showing the original brickwork plus the two times it's been expanded. Once we saw this the first time, we started noticing it all over Old Montreal. rooftop in Old Montreal angles Williamsburg bridge The True Administration of Justice Chuck beneath a huge arch Brooklyn Bridge atop the Palace of Culture and Science the Palace of Culture and Science Jamie and Kasia walking into Old Town on the edge of Old Town Great Theater Otto Bock Science Center Medizintechnik Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe at Brandenburg Gate dog gargoyle part of the courtyard castle gate cute little house in Kleukheim still in old town bikes outside of Clavius-Gymnasium Pleepleus relaxing on some cairns in the Regnitz a family of swans on the Regnitz the old town hall the former town gate in Uehlfeld some old building in Dinkelsbühl some nice ivy just a plaque on a wall in Dinkelsbühl Jesus McConaughey Segringer Tor waiting for the tour to start at Neuschwanstein Castle the gate at Neuschwanstein Castle us at the gate huge house among huge trees on Lake Bled Ljubljana and the Ljubljanica River stones worn smooth by 2000 years of foot traffic wanna live in a 2000-year-old town?