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lizard on a lamppost ducks at the restaurant dead rat in NY dead rat in NY feeding the ducks lobster good! swans in the harbor a lizard on the door to Cabin 4 Texas Hill Country goats goats that's a bad buddy right there cow this one was on the wrong side of the fence, but I can attest to the fact that the grass was, in fact, greener over here. another little lady on the wrong side of the fence catfish are slimy she outfished me that day, 9-2 or 9-4 or something ridiculously lopsided.  she whooped me. curled up on the futon Opaque, half-awake. cat face! hermit crab at night a shy crab crab in the night Dino, resort cat Dino indoors Chuck eating a bird Sandy, beach dog Chuck on a tree; Sandy with eyes on a lunch Sandy, still looking for some lunch Jamie and Sandy big ol' lizard sunning himself same lizard, same sun Chuck and Debbie and Dino sleeping Dino lounging Dino Dino playing with Jamie's hair on the prowl meow! chicken shit bingo Belize 2008 a manatee takes a quick breath scenes from Goff's Caye scenes from Goff's Caye scenes from Goff's Caye Belize 2008 Belize 2008 Belize 2008 Belize 2008 Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels kitty in the window (1/3) kitty in the window (2/3) kitty in the window (3/3) cats love catnip (1/5) cats love catnip (2/5) cats love catnip (3/5) cats love catnip (4/5) cats love catnip (5/5) fur is murder (1/3) fur is murder (2/3) fur is murder (3/3) going ballz out (1/5) going ballz out (2/5) going ballz out (3/5) going ballz out (4/5) going ballz out (5/5) playtime is over a favorite pillow (1/2) a favorite pillow (2/2) gulls flying alongside the ferry crazy birds looking for Doritos more birds these guys wouldn't shut up friggin friendly dog a lone gull at twilight minitaure ponies lunch! lunch! ready to go to work a hot dog a sleepy horse a lazy cow no really, he's just sleeping DIY petting zoo punk rock horse a handsome buddy that's a good boy Natalie Cow dogs free-range damien king of the beach Natalie drying off Natalie a heron on a dune Natalie a seagull Sandy ears Natalie chilaxin in the road the beach is delicious pretty boy such a good-looking dog.  too bad she's so skittish. What a pretty Texas beach. some crazy thing swimming around, attracted by the light blurry, but here's another view.  it was about 2 inches long. bull on a hill a lazy Sunday afternoon Ezio between attacks on Serpico Ezio in mid-shake classic Ezio Serpico sleeping with his tongue out whale tail whale tail feeding time feeding time diving bird on a whale gull in flight party time in the Atlantic diving off the bow duck diving! cruising for a meal birds seagull at the ICA a fly on concrete a duck Matt and Delia go for a swim drying off All that swimming made Delia thirsty Delia such a good-looking dog ducks eating blueberries some strange bug a frog a little frog a snake a snake a snow bird Natalie being Natalie Damien Natalie enjoying a shake Damien in profile Damien checking something out Natalie and Tony Natalie in profile Natalie Damien in the back of the truck Damien being buried Exodus I Exodus II Exodus III Exodus IV a spider a moth a bird on a rock at sea waiting on a bus? Harbor seals sunning themselves in Santa Cruz. A harbor seal checking out the crowd at the Santa Cruz wharf. A squirrel eating a potato chip on Carmel Beach. A squirrel posing on Carmel Beach. A seagull enjoying some fresh abalone. Same seagull, same abalone. The squirrels along 17 Mile Drive, near Spanish Bay are *very* friendly. Scratching an itch on a warm spring day. Did I mention that the squirrels here are friendly? A sea otter at Point Lobos State Reserve. A sea otter at Point Lobos State Reserve. It was pupping season for the harbor seals and this fat momma was keeping a watchful eye on her beach. why did the beetle cross the road? A seagull sitting on the roof of a car. why did the snail cross the road? We rounded a corner on a path and found ourselves 20 feet from a deer. We kept quiet and still at first, but it soon became obvious that this deer was nearly as comfortable with humans as the squirrels were. a big fish at the Monterey Aquarium The flamingos were surprisingly difficult to shoot and this was about as good as I could get. I finally caught one looking my way it was windy and this guy was hanging on for dear life Zeke at Larry's a butterfly doing his butterfly thing a tiger swallowtail butterfly.  not sure if it's Eastern or Canadian. Pearson and some seagulls Buddy Buddy Buddy, Topaz and Tank Tank and Buddy, father and son Buddy with a funny ear (shot with my Uncle Mike's 75-300 lens) Dexter (shot with my Uncle Mike's 75-300 lens) the whole family squirrel an elk with an itch an elk getting a bite to eat in Estes Park an elk getting a bite to eat in Estes Park Four elk at sunset by Marys Lake this guy wouldn't shut up love birds Canadian seagull Canadian swan #1 Canadian swan #2 and then this happened of course I had to shoot a squirrel a Canadian goose that just realized I don't have any food Canadian goose Canadian lizard Australian white ibis Lightningbolt, the free-range emu. She's harmless, but fairly intimidating with her willingness to approach humans. kangaroo chillin' wallaby sleeping kangaroo dirty lamb kookaburra fennec fox a little higher and he has a better view of the harbor than any human a young'un and his momma giraffe Bauer, aka "the cutest puppy ever" close-up of an ant obligatory seagull shot butterfly not a fan of the camera a fan of the camera A ruby maple moth on the screen Close-up of a ruby maple moth beetle porn frog in the headlights blurry hummingbird a couple of butterflies ouchy (redux) a jackdaw in Poland basia! basia! basia! smiling lion statue in Warsaw mandarin duck in a park mandarin duck pidgeon jackdaw peacock (unknown) (unknown) goose (unknown) possibly baby mandarin ducks jackdaw in Berlin (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) a swan(?) and a mallard duck a dog outside Bamberg Cathedral duck in Munich baby duck in Munich a duck on Lake Bled (unknown) handsome buddy in Metelkova birds in Ljubljana bird in Ljubljana street dog in Zagreb this little mačka was my 2nd best friend in Krk the obnoxious seagull gets the french fry seagull in Krk sleepy mačka in Krk