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The new house - living room, dining room, kitchen Smoke much? #1 Smoke much? #2 Smoke much? #3 The view from the back porch doesn't suck. Sunset in the back yard Sunset in the front yard A ruby maple moth on the screen Close-up of a ruby maple moth Jamie ready for some painting! Home office, version 1.0 The photographer Sunset over the strawberry fields A storm at sunset fern beetle porn frog in the headlights wispy moon storm over Corinth blurry hummingbird acorns shroom fall is coming Big Moose Pond mushrooms in the yard a little northern lights on the horizon delivery of the first two cords of wood learned our lesson and had the other 6 cords delivered around back tools of the trade early November our road after the first real snow of the season Robyville Bridge over the river and through the woods Charlie Brown Christmas tree growing down at the camp a forest Jamie's snowman snow sentinels sad snowman is sad snowgoyles Jamie and the tree she cut down a sunny December day