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inside Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik everywhere we went, this guy was telling us to skank our way to the exit a flower in Reykjavik. I believe this to be one of my best shots ever. a very ornate door the Nissan Patrol. a guy fishing in some cold, wet weather waterfalls struggling with the 'fall' part nearly ever house along the cliff base seems to have its own backyard waterfall Systrafoss in  Kirkjubaejarklaustur a guy fishing at the bottom of Stjórnarfoss not your average rock on a beach leaving Dyrhólaey a farm along the road to Dyrhólaey Dinner at Café Árhús was so good that we stopped for lunch on our way back through Hella.  We'd heard that this place had the best gourmet pizzas in Iceland, and I can't argue against it. Sun Voyager some small graffiti on a side street. Jamie on basalt columns in the middle of the road. Culture House Ingolfur Arnarson - his family settled Iceland in 874 A.D. Öxarárfoss, a small waterfall in Þingvellir National Park the Öxará river below Öxarárfoss a view of Þingvellir, where Iceland's parliament was established in 930 A.D. sunset over the Ytri-Rangá river in Hella.  We were the only people staying in any of the 28 available cottages. Seljalandsfoss.  Jamie's standing at the end of the path in the lower right of the picture. This was one of the larger falls where gravity couldn't overcome the force of the wind. A closer view of the waterfall shown in the previous image.  This one gives a better indication of just how much water is getting displaced. Reynisdrangar as seen from the beach in Vík Jamie on the beach in Vík. plants on the dunes plants on the dunes Reynisdrangar as seen from behind the dunes in Vík an old building in Kirkjubaejarklaustur a very narrow view of Systrafoss a leaf the very bottom of Systrafoss.  All the water funnels under a massive boulder, the bottom 1/3 of which can be seen here. an iceberg in Jökulsárlón, the only glacial lagoon in Iceland that still connects to the ocean a close-up of an iceberg in Jökulsárlón an iceberg in Jökulsárlón a bird on an iceberg in Jökulsárlón two tourists and a guide head across Jökulsárlón towards the glacier Breiðamerkurjökull an iceberg in Jökulsárlón an iceberg in Jökulsárlón Jamie on the beach near Jökulsárlón.  The icebergs flow out of the lagoon and typically get washed back up on the beach by the rough surf. Jamie shooting the ice bergs on the beach! beach bergs! plant life on the cliff near the glacier Svínafellsjökull the lagoon at the edge of Svínafellsjökull the bottom of Svínafellsjökull the sun is just starting to break through the clouds over Svínafellsjökull for about 4 minutes, it was *this* bright in Iceland in late September clouds, mountain, glacier, lagoon this could be my favorite shot from the whole trip. contemplating a photo in Skaftafell National Park a babbling brook an old hydro-electric power plant that provided elecrticity for a nearby farm flora in Skaftafell a rainbow over the glacier Skeiðarárjökull on the morning of our anniversary. sunset over the Reykjanes Penninsula a cemetery wall Atari 'Night Driver' anyone? a bird on a rock at sea Jamie on a cliff near Reykjanesviti Jamie on a cliff near Reykjanesviti a crumbled building and the new lighthouse at Reykjanesviti A shot of the Reykjanes peninsula, using my sunglasses as a gel Miðlína Bridge spanning the Álfagjá rift valley, which marks the boundary of the Eurasian and North American continental tectonic plates.  A once-vertical sign in the foreground now leans markedly to the west. Jamie between two worlds the sign that indicates you're leaving a town the sign that indicates you're entering a town Garðskagaviti - the old lighthouse in Garður The new Garðskagaviti lighthouse and a boat that has been restored and is open to the public. an old sextant on display in the farm/nautical museum in Garður skyr - a yogurt-like dairy product Can you tell where our hotel ends and the geothermal power plant begins?  Despite the proximity, Northern Light Inn was arguably the nicest place we stayed in. some geothermal pools along the road into Blue Lagoon.  The black dot in the center of the photo is a helicopter that was flying two guys into the Blue Lagoon parking lot. Fancy!