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Whatdya do when your luggage doesn't make your connecting flight? You enjoy some comfort food. Urban flowers Flower box in the Distillery District antique truck interior an old-looking barrel that's really not-so-old vines on brick pointy the second-most photographed building in Toronto winners post base bikes for rent this guy wouldn't shut up love birds Canadian seagull Canadian swan #1 Canadian swan #2 and then this happened rope glass and steel in the Financial District clouds in the city indoor fountain spires of Notre-Dame Basilica on the UT (University of Toronto) campus of course I had to shoot a squirrel David McWane after the show on Friday night wheelchair crowd surfing Big D and the Kids Table #1 Big D and the Kids Table #2 Big D and the Kids Table #3 Big D and the Kids Table #4 The Planet Smashers #1 The Planet Smashers #2 introducing... the soundman! The Planet Smashers #3 a long ship a long pier a Canadian goose that just realized I don't have any food Canadian goose Canadian lizard craftmanship inside Notre-Dame Basilica looking at something street performer outside Notre-Dame Basilica architecture in Old Montreal #1 architecture in Old Montreal #2 two Rolls Royce Phantoms and a Ferrari parked on the street bacon-wrapped scallops Banque of Montreal the New York Life building Notre-Dame Basilica Notre-Dame Basilica the Aldred building cul-de-sac entryway the exterior wall of our hotel showing the original brickwork plus the two times it's been expanded. Once we saw this the first time, we started noticing it all over Old Montreal. inside Notre-Dame Basilica inside Notre-Dame Basilica unknown saint hanging out with Ezekiel unknown pew pew pew votive candles some of the 7,000 pipes in the pipe organ a closer look at the space above the alter the balcony railing rooftop in Old Montreal angles our hotel in Old Montreal. I highly recommend this place. Room was great and the staff are wonderfully friendly.