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The scene along the Santa Cruz Highway as we drove across the mountains from San Jose. Harbor seals sunning themselves in Santa Cruz. A harbor seal checking out the crowd at the Santa Cruz wharf. A squirrel eating a potato chip on Carmel Beach. A squirrel posing on Carmel Beach. Sunset over the Pacific.  Sadly, this was the best we saw all weekend.  Despite some sunny days, the evenings were dominated by thick cloud cover. A flower growing at the Carmel Mission. A flower growing at the Carmel Mission. A rose growing at the Carmel Mission. A rock and a sharp place. Artichokes growing at the Carmel Mission. library decorative painting inside the Carmel Mission close-up of some ice plants more ice plants A seagull enjoying some fresh abalone. Same seagull, same abalone. The squirrels along 17 Mile Drive, near Spanish Bay are *very* friendly. Scratching an itch on a warm spring day. Did I mention that the squirrels here are friendly? A sea otter at Point Lobos State Reserve. A sea otter at Point Lobos State Reserve. It was pupping season for the harbor seals and this fat momma was keeping a watchful eye on her beach. why did the beetle cross the road? a rare sighting of a California Work Glove in its natural habitat. A seagull sitting on the roof of a car. why did the snail cross the road? Orange moss Same moss, different tree We rounded a corner on a path and found ourselves 20 feet from a deer. We kept quiet and still at first, but it soon became obvious that this deer was nearly as comfortable with humans as the squirrels were. a big fish at the Monterey Aquarium The flamingos were surprisingly difficult to shoot and this was about as good as I could get. I finally caught one looking my way