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at the Hamburg airporta jackdaw in Polandbasia! basia! basia!Warsaw at nightatop the Palace of Culture and Sciencethe Palace of Culture and Sciencedrinking at Plan Btaking a break from drinking at Plan Blate night on the balconyour lovely hostess, Kasiasmiling lion statue in Warsawchurch interiorJamie and Kasia walking into Old Townon the edge of Old TownGreat Theatermandarin duck in a parkmandarin duckpidgeonjackdawpeacocksome of my best friends are alkoholesour actual housekey during our time in WarsawPolish countrysideJamie on the train, part 1Jamie on the train, part 2graffiti on the Berlin Wallbest.logo.ever.Otto Bock Science Center MedizintechnikMemorial to the Murdered Jews of Europeat Brandenburg Gategreat little burger joint under the train tracksa church near our apartment in BerlinFörderverein Zionskirchewe ate here because they were playing Ween when we walked by(unknown)(unknown)(unknown)gooseflower in the Tiergartenflower in the Tiergartenflower in the Tiergartenflower in the Tiergartenflower in the Tiergartenflower in the Tiergartenflower in the Tiergartenflower in the Tiergartencommemorating victory in the Prussian-Danish war(unknown) possibly baby mandarin ducksjackdaw in Berlin(unknown)(unknown)(unknown)Pleepleus enjoying a beer in Berlinon the road to Bambergour apartment in Bambergthe Regnitz (river) in western BambergPleepleus protecting a 6-pack for methe entrance to Veste Coburgthe view to the north from the castle walldog gargoylepart of the courtyardhigh relief dragoncastle gatecountryside north of Stadelcountryside north of Altenbanzcute little house in Kleukheimstatue outside the old town hallsunset behind the old town hallthe Regnitz in old townJamie enjoying some ice cream in old towngoofin aroundstill in old townthat moment when I realized our license plate had our initials on itbikes outside of Clavius-Gymnasiuma swan(?) and a mallard duckPleepleus relaxing on some cairns in the Regnitza family of swans on the Regnitzthe old town hallvinyard at Michaelsberg Abbeya dog outside Bamberg Cathedralinside Bamberg Cathedrala really old (~900 years) statue of a lionI didn't know I had a favorite chain until I saw this onesunset over the Regnitz on our last night in Bambergalways with the ice cream and the making facessunset over the Regnitz on our last night in Bambergthe former town gate in Uehlfeldour room at Burg Colmbergthe view from our room at Burg ColmbergJamie on the old city wall in Rothenburg ob der Tauberram statue at Burg Colmbergflowers at Burg Colmbergthe tower at Burg Colmbergnot so fast, tanksivy and ivy remainsone of many bridges into old town Dinkelsbühlflowers in Dinkelsbühlsome old building in DinkelsbühlDinkelsbühl city crestsome nice ivyjust a plaque on a wall in DinkelsbühlJesus McConaugheySegringer TorSt. George Church at nightwaiting for the tour to start at Neuschwanstein Castlethe gate at Neuschwanstein Castleus at the gatetwo trunks are better than oneBavarian Alps near Schwangauan alphorn band in FüssenSt. Mang monasterya 209-year-old book just out on a shelf where anyone can touch it. couldn't find anything older than this onean armoir from 1758nativity scene in St. MangFüssen from the clocktower in Hohes Schlossa former kitchen in the clocktower in Hohes Schlosscourtyard at Hohes SchlossNeuschwanstein Castle shot from our hotel room in SchwangauNeuschwanstein Castle shot from MarienbrückeHohenschwangau Castle, Schwansee and the Austrian Alps in the distancetaking in the scenery above LechfallSurfing on the Eisbachduck in Munichbaby duck in Munichgiant bubble in Munichthis kid wouldn't stop staring at me and absolutely refused to smilesomewhere in Austria, on a train to Sloveniadriving to Lake Bled with the Julian Alps in the distancea duck on Lake Bledhuge house among huge trees on Lake Bled(unknown)Pleepleus with a long climb ahead of himbig tree/art. shoulda had Jamie step into the frame for some scaleBled Island on Lake Bled, shot from Castle Bled368-year-old shitterwaited a long time with another photographer for the wind to pick up enough to get this shottown of Bled, Lake Bled, Bled Islandtaking in the view from the castle wallgood drinking buddy. bad sentry.the thing about these toilets is that they're built into the castle walls and really are nothing more than holes with lidswhere the man-made meets the naturalthe back of the castle where it becomes all cave-ylooking back towards the cave entrance / castle properjust visible at bottom left is a smaller cave entrance that was used as the stablesLjubljana and the Ljubljanica Riversunset in Piransunset in Piranone of four statues at Dragon Bridgethe reason we shifted our entire vacation by a weekhandsome buddy in Metelkovabirds in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanaflower in Ljubljanabird in Ljubljanaeasily the best hair we saw in Europestreet dog in Zagrebthis little mačka was my 2nd best friend in Krkthe obnoxious seagull gets the french fryseagull in Krkmoonrise over the Adriaticharbor at nightstones worn smooth by 2000 years of foot trafficsleepy mačka in Krkwanna live in a 2000-year-old town?Gordana, Jamie, me, and Damir