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the coast near Bronte BeachWaverley CemeteryClovellysailboats on a Sunday morningManly Beacha member of the Manly Pipe BandSydney Harbor Bridge and Syndey Opera House with test pattern being projected onto the roofme at the Opera HouseSydney Opera House and Syndey Harbor Bridge at sunsetmoonset behind the Opera HouseAustralian white ibisbird of paradisepink roseorange roseSydney Harbor Bridgepretty sure everyone takes this picturethe Opera House at sunsetunknown flowers at the zooLightningbolt, the free-range emu. She's harmless, but fairly intimidating with her willingness to approach humans.kangaroo chillin'wallabysleeping kangaroodirty lambkookaburrafennec foxa little higher and he has a better view of the harbor than any humana young'un and his mommagiraffeSydney Harbor in extremely low light, shot from the very windy top deck of a fast-moving ferry