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Whatdya do when your luggage doesn't make your connecting flight? You enjoy some comfort food.Urban flowersFlower box in the Distillery Districtantique truck interioran old-looking barrel that's really not-so-oldvines on brickpointythe second-most photographed building in Torontowinnerspost basebikes for rentthis guy wouldn't shut uplove birdsCanadian seagullCanadian swan #1Canadian swan #2and then this happenedropeglass and steel in the Financial Districtclouds in the cityindoor fountainon the UT (University of Toronto) campusof course I had to shoot a squirrelDavid McWane after the show on Friday nightwheelchair crowd surfingBig D and the Kids Table #1Big D and the Kids Table #2Big D and the Kids Table #3Big D and the Kids Table #4The Planet Smashers #1The Planet Smashers #2introducing... the soundman!The Planet Smashers #3a long shipa long piera Canadian goose that just realized I don't have any foodCanadian gooseCanadian lizardcraftmanship inside Notre-Dame Basilicalooking at somethingstreet performer outside Notre-Dame Basilicaarchitecture in Old Montreal #1architecture in Old Montreal #2two Rolls Royce Phantoms and a Ferrari parked on the streetbacon-wrapped scallopsBanque of Montrealthe New York Life buildingNotre-Dame BasilicaNotre-Dame Basilicathe Aldred buildingcul-de-sacentrywaythe exterior wall of our hotel showing the original brickwork plus the two times it's been expanded. Once we saw this the first time, we started noticing it all over Old Montreal.inside Notre-Dame Basilicainside Notre-Dame Basilicaunknown saint hanging out with Ezekielunknownpew pew pewvotive candlessome of the 7,000 pipes in the pipe organa closer look at the space above the alterthe balcony railingrooftop in Old Montrealspires of Notre-Dame Basilicaanglesour hotel in Old Montreal. I highly recommend this place. Room was great and the staff are wonderfully friendly.