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sea birds hanging outan oyster shella scallop shellan oyster shellcurlbird on the beach! beach bird!sandy toesMatagorda Fishing Pier from afar. The intent here was to create a picture that looks like it was taken 30 years ago.  I think I kind of, sort of pulled it off.Matagorda Fishing Pier from belowMatagorda Fishing Pier from close rangea trawler heading out.  Another shot where I wanted it to appear to be older than it actually is.the jetty at the end of Matagorda Fishing Pierbird on a railingconcrete and rebarmy wife.  I don't think she cares for this pic (too much zoom), but I think it's pretty wife on the beach.  +1 for ND filters - they really do make beach photography a lot wifemy wife with her Lensbaby and a roaring firea trawler late at nightpart of the Milky Way over the Gulf of MexicoJupiter, the moon and Venusvery faint bit of the Milky Way, a trawler, two planes and a camera not quite set to verticalthe entrance to our beach house, Villa Verdea big tripod in a little beach housea delicious late-night snackthe neighbors across the street were burning trash in their yard and it got away from themscans of some Polaroid shots: 2 early morning foggy beach shots, 1 early foggy morning pic of the abandoned house across the street, the view from our porch