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After a quick breakfast in Idaho Springs, we hiked up to St. Mary's Glacier. Not as impressive as what we saw in Iceland, but it was a good start to our trip.Strong wind was whipping the snow around, limiting visibility near the top.Looking down on the lake from a vantage point just below the glacier.The snow drifts were too deep and the pitch too steep for a couple of unprepared amateurs to get any further up.One of the outcroppings at Red Rocks AmphitheaterOne of the outcroppings at Red Rocks AmphitheaterLooking up from one of the seating areasThe USAF Academy ChapelThe USAF Academy Chapel. This shot is an homage to a similar shot by <a href="">David Bowden</a>A statue on the USAFA campusA furry plant in Garden of the GodsA rock formation at Garden of the Gods in Colorado SpringsYes, that's a person standing near the top of the formation on the left.Just a tree and some rockDriving down from Pike's Peak.  Snowfall caused the top 6 miles of the road to be off-limits, but we still got to see some impressive viewsThe Inn at Cascade as seen from way up on Pike's PeakThe Inn at Cascade.  We had the room on the second floor.The view to the west along highway 24The hallway outside our room at Rapids Lodge. The room wasn't as creepy as the hallway.Tonahutu Creek with Rapids Lodge in the backgroundsquirreljust some flowersA lot of what we saw reminded us of IcelandRainbow LakeFrisco Baya wincha sailboat moored in Frisco Baylife finds a wayPeak 8 (Breckenridge) illuminated by a full moonA really long exposure of Swan Mountain illuminated by a full moon.  This was the view from our balcony in Frisco.a little tree on a big rocka little tree on a big rockEstes Conea rock formationan elk with an itchan elk getting a bite to eat in Estes Parkan elk getting a bite to eat in Estes ParkBighorn Mountain in Rocky Mountain National ParkBig Thompson River (at right) seen from way up in Rocky Mountain National ParkA closer look at Big Thompson RiverDeer Mountain is the big one in the center of this panoramaMarys Lake between RMNP and Estes ParkFour elk at sunset by Marys LakeI worked more to get this shot than I did for any other shot the whole trip.Boulder Falls