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Chuck at Coopers RockFungus on a dead treeSome people exiting Rock City A fallen treeNaked lady statue made by a mutual friend of mine and Larry's. I was blown away that it was still around 20 years on.a wagon at Larry'sflowers at Larry'sa flower at Larry'sZeke at Larry'sa ghoul at Larry'sMaeve at Larry'sMaeve at Larry's (photo editing credit goes to my awesome wife Jamie who really brought this shot to life)Maeve at Larry'sMuddy Falls after a week of steady rainfall in the arealooking back upstream towards Muddy Fallslife finds a wayChuck basking in the first true sunlight we'd seen all daywheelbarrow at my parents' housesteaks at my parents' houseone of many windmills dotting the ridge near Mt StormVepco power plant and the cooling pond, Vepco Lakebecause the water is used to cool the power plant, it's warmer than other lakes in the area, making it a favorite scuba spot.flowers at Vepco Lakenot much to see here except lots of coal. note the size of the parked trucks between me and the pile.a leaf at Vepco Lakea leaf at Vepco Lakecaught this one at just the right momentMiracle Revival Centerthat's my mom in the white jacket at left and my dad in yellowDad mimicking the way the trees "lean" to one sidespruce and hackberry(?)my dad on top of Dolly Sodslooking back towards the road leading further up the mountainlooking southwest into Virginiaa really long shot of my dada butterfly doing his butterfly thingfierce, consistent winds at the summit force the branches of isolated trees to grow on only one sidelooking northeast from the summitthe Caddy that got the flat that caused our trip to be cut shorta tiger swallowtail butterfly.  not sure if it's Eastern or Canadian.