Iceland: Land-scapes and sea-scapes

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a view of Þingvellir, where Iceland's parliament was established in 930 A.D.sunset over the Ytri-Rangá river in Hella.  We were the only people staying in any of the 28 available cottages.Reynisdrangar as seen from the beach in VíkReynisdrangar as seen from behind the dunes in VíkJamie on the beach near Jökulsárlón.  The icebergs flow out of the lagoon and typically get washed back up on the beach by the rough surf.bergs on the beach!the lagoon at the edge of Svínafellsjökullthe bottom of Svínafellsjökullthe sun is just starting to break through the clouds over Svínafellsjökullclouds, mountain, glacier, lagoonthis could be my favorite shot from the whole trip.a babbling brooka rainbow over the glacier Skeiðarárjökull on the morning of our anniversary.waterfalls struggling with the 'fall' partnearly ever house along the cliff base seems to have its own backyard waterfallnot your average rock on a beachleaving Dyrhólaeya farm along the road to Dyrhólaeysunset over the Reykjanes PenninsulaAtari 'Night Driver' anyone?Jamie on a cliff near Reykjanesviti Jamie on a cliff near ReykjanesvitiA shot of the Reykjanes peninsula, using my sunglasses as a gelJamie between two worldssome geothermal pools along the road into Blue Lagoon.  The black dot in the center of the photo is a helicopter that was flying two guys into the Blue Lagoon parking lot. Fancy!