Texas Hill Country

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The old bridge as seen from the new.A lighthouse and a lot of exposed lake bed.The office at Cottonwood Cove.  Some day we're gonna buy this place.Normally, there's water 10 feet from that picnic table.  The lake is seen, at a historic low, off in the distance.A view of the boat ramp.Jamie hanging out at cabin #5.I should be fishing here.Another shot of the boat ramp and one of Cottonwood's docks.Cabins 4 and 5.Choppy AND muddy.  Perfect for a couple of amateur anglers.some driftwoodsun setting behind a treeJamie on the rocksa stick in the mud(dy water)a lot more driftwoodsunseta lizard on the door to Cabin 4Jamie relaxing in Cabin 5Cabin 5's kitchenNo fishing or swimming... No shit?again, seems like the sign isn't really neededusthe scene near the dampart of the damJamie fishing at Inks Lake - one of the lakes that remains at a constant level.the Llano rivertiny rapids on the Llanonot much water flowing through here, but when it rains, this thing ragesa shallow poolsun starting to go down and behind some cloudsgrassesa view upstreamexposed sand and bedrockmy feetJamie's feetlooking for rocks to skipdon't let the sign fool you, it can get much higher than that during a good storm.still searching for flat rocksa view from down lowsome more rapids, and me in the distancethe po-po's on patrolanother shot of the bridgeTexas Hill Country goatsgoatsthat's a bad buddy right therecowthis one was on the wrong side of the fence, but I can attest to the fact that the grass was, in fact, greener over here.another little lady on the wrong side of the fencecatfish are slimyshe outfished me that day, 9-2 or 9-4 or something ridiculously lopsided.  she whooped me.caught by surprisethe sun is high in the sky as we head back to the only marina that was renting boats that weekend.a view of Lake LBJa small cliffa view in the other directionno idea if there's anything there or notLake Travis was 40' below normalJamie below the water linea little perspectivestumpsI know that very few of you will share my enthusiasm, but this is just an amazing opportunity to see parts of the lake bed that hadn't been seen in years.moreexposed stumps are everywhereI said everywheredirty stumpswaves and waveformsand that's as far as she wentI dunno, I just liked itsame chunk, zoomed outyou can really get a good sense of where the river channel liesthis should be under 10 feet of waterso dry and exposed for so long that there are new roads being createdall of that in the foreground should be submerged1 of 5 used in a panorama2 of 5 used in a panorama3 of 5 used in a panorama4 of 5 used in a panorama5 of 5 used in a panoramafriggin cedar.