Reunion: Around Camp

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Conversations #6Conversations #1 - BobConversations #2 - JoanConversations #3 - MattConversations #7Conversations #8Conversations #4 - JillConversations #5 - Eric and JamieJoan and Jim's tentKarin and Dave's tentThe cabin as viewed from the ping pong table.Gil and Debbie's tentMatt and Tammy's tentroughing itMatt hamming it upThis one almost looks normal...and some good silliness to end the series.a duckthe dock as viewed from the boatshucking cornMatt and Delia go for a swimdrying offAquaMatt!!All that swimming made Delia thirstyDeliaReady for a ride on the boatA man on a rock in a lakeAquaMatt wondering where all the leaves arecrazy cornLainabeing silly in the hammockbeing silly in the hammockDougStacyhe finally looked up after about 7 or 8 shotsBobJamie picking blueberriessuch a good-looking dogJimsomewhat long shutter speed while approaching the dock at duskflowers on the docklooking at the camp from the neighbor's dockducks eating blueberriesLainablueberriesthe neighbor's boatsthe cabinthe neighbor's placesome strange bugman up!despite Laina's protesting, a kiss was delivered.  I missed it by about half a second.we finally started catching some fish on the last nightMatt's second fish of the eveningLaina and one of three fish she caughtMillers on the dock