Mustang Island

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on the road againa well-timed (aka: lucky) shotasphaltdowntown Nixon, TXa murala windmilldriving into a stormGod's countrysome building outside Corpusthe interstate grain port terminal.  duh.sunset over the baypalms along the waythat's a good boynow this is happeningdeep, tooNatalieCow dogsfree-range damienking of the beachNatalie drying offNataliea heron on a duneNataliea kitea seagullSandy earsNatalie chilaxin in the roadMustang Island beach still life #1We tried, but the sand was too wet for any real sandcastle building.oil rigsI just busted her taking a picture of meAlways with the face.the beach is deliciouspretty boyA cool sea snail. Found a couple more exactly like him. the view to our rightthe adventuremobilesuch a good-looking dog.  too bad she's so skittish.this was the look on her face 90% of the weekendOur beach chairs wait for us to finish eating chips and salsa out of the back of the car and join them.What a pretty Texas beach.Mustang Island beach still life #2Tony's anti-stingray devices.he saw me with the camera and flipped me off, I missed it and yelled out to him to do it again.  he kindly obliged.My post souvenir shopping attitude needs work.close-up of philodendron in bloomtable and chairs by the canalthe white thing with the red glow is a reflection of the moonpalm tree at nighteast, down the canalthe dock at nightanother shot of the birdhouseI opened the shutter when a boat was in the center of the frame.  created an interesting effect.some crazy thing swimming around, attracted by the lightblurry, but here's another view.  it was about 2 inches long.lots of old farmhouses and buildings along rural Texas roads.  I tried to get shots of as many as possible.bull on a hill