Ferry to Bainbridge Island

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pulling away from the pierlooking back at the portone of the few brave souls out sailing on a chilly November afternoonwe don't need no stinkin' bargessmall medium and largegulls flying alongside the ferrycrazy birdslooking for Doritosmore birdslooking back at the cityhouses line the hill on Bainbridge IslandJamie, excited as can be about being in Seattle and about to be in Bainbridgeone of the houses on the peninsulaa (comparatively) tiny house on the islandmore houses on the penninsulajust a cliffwalkway from the ferrybeautiful bushes growing along the sidewalkthis sign was cracking me up. we saw one later that was even better.we're pretty sure he's an unauthorized dinghyseriously.  she has the best hair ever.I love my wifesailboatsthese guys wouldn't shut upa bridgeanother bridgefriggin friendly dogriggings in the mistthe mist rolling in off the soundit was gone as quickly as it camesame as in another picture, just a different anglelooking back from the end of the path accessible to the publicskies cleared up after lunch.  this might be my favorite picture from the whole trip.another nice reflectionthe moon peeking through at us as we head back to Seattlepeninsula in the front, with Seattle off in the distanceSeattle coming into viewan angel lets the light shine through the cloudssame angel, no zooma lone gull at twilight