You better Belize it!

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on the puddle jumperlow-lying islands off the Belizean coastthe palapa at Xanadua look at the poolsunset over Xanadufirst night at Xanaduno need for footwear herehermit crab at nightthe soon-to-be bride and grooma shy crabcrab in the nightDebbie saying "hello"Belikin - the best way to stay cool in BelizeDino, resort catDino indoorsChuck saying "hello"Chuck in his Sunnyside shirta few beers inhamming it uphamming it up, double-stylebeers and ChucksJamie on the pierselfie before selfies were coolfabulous redheadChuck eating a birdSandy, beach dogChuck on a tree; Sandy with eyes on a lunchSandy, still looking for some lunchfeet on the beachthe day before the weddingJamie and Sandybig ol' lizard sunning himselfsame lizard, same sunproud father and happy sonthe "other" happy couple!pre-ceremony coordinationCasey and CharlieCasey and Charliethe ceremonythe ceremonythe decorationsfeet on the beach. beach feet!Belize 2007signing the papers to make it legalshe is my big-haired girlheading off into the sunsetsailing awaynight time over the Caribbeanpost-wedding, with Chuck back in his Sunnyside shirtclouds and palmsmore clouds, more wind, more palmsearly evening in the Caribbeanmoonrise over the Caribbeanthe church in San Pedromoon over the Caribbeandeparting for a night-time expeditionthe palapa at nightChuck and Debbie and DinoChuckDebbie hanging from the stairssleeping Dinolounging DinoDino playing with Jamie's hairgood timeson the prowlbig clouds over the Caribbeantrying to cure a hangoverhoping the rain will hold off for a few more hoursmetafeet on the beach.  beach feet!Chuck saying "hello"me, hungoverinvisible meBelize 2007curlyDebbie in a treebird watchingmeow!AquaChuck!junkpalapa under a full moonBacon Macho Burgerfaces of Chuck #1faces of Chuck #2faces of Chuck #3faces of Chuck #4faces of Chuck #5faces of Chuck #6faces of Chuck #6the BatBeachMobilechicken shit bingobikes at Xanaduclouds at nightBelize 2007winding down at the end of a long week